I use contemporary technology as early as I search for lnspiration. I get all the information at home, from the web. While creating the work, I take all the steps that a painter does, from priming the board to layering the finished work with the drying oil. To represent the complex and painstaking process of producing spaceships, I use and ancient and very sophisticated technique of yolk tempera on canvas, for I consider it the most comprehensive technique, able to render all the pictorial nuances that I'd like to communicate to the spectator. I have no doubt that soon the mist of secrecy (on the verge of sacral) that surrounds spaceships and space-missions will clear away and all that today inspires awe and admiration will be 0ut- of-date, just like my painting technique. I am only accelerating this process in my works and trying to look at things as if from , the future, as if they were something from the past, like painting in a museum that seem familiar from the early childhood.