My works are devoted to the beauty of the world of science.
It's a painting about the importance of high technologies in our life and also about the man's place in the industrial society. The development of science is very rapid, scientific discoveries that seems to us a new today, tomorrow will become old, and I try to catch the phases of different research areas. Making my works in a traditional, old “museum's” style of tempera on wood painting, I offer my audience to stop and to feel a beauty of the work process.

My first experience is a portrait of my younger brother, fully involved in chatting on WWW. The second - a large serie “Technology” about NASA. Now I work with a topic of IVF, delivery and neonatal intensive care, it's interesting to look at the origin of the new generation of people, made in laboratories, the serie called “Reproduction”.

Also I collect material for future paintings about institutes of experimental and theoretical physics and making and recycling nuclear fuel.