My new series of paintings is devoted to the space museums. A museum in itself is an enthralling subject for an artist, because by working with this topic an artist multiplies matters and plays the game which is called «reflect the reflection». An object in a museum mostly represents a certain age. Science and technical progress influenced the art of XX and XXI centuries, and as a result it changed. Ready made objects, video, documentation of performances, science art, conceptual art show us that the art now has different faces, it’s synthetically complicated. Аrtistic idea, comprehension and will make the difference between objects in art museums and objects of everyday life. For me, it’s interesting to work with «scenes» from museums which are not connected with art, but have their own esthetic value. Placing, or transferring those «scenes» into the area of painting I recognize them as art.

The ‘Space museums’ - is a series about the second life of scientific objects. For them it’s like a life after death. Once, created to explore the space, now they are buried with honors in buildings, constructed specially for them. As in the ancient egyptian tombs, the most important exhibits are surrounded by veneration and placed in atmosphere appropriate to their status. There are scenes of working places of scientists, spaceports, taiga under the snow and space. Surprisingly, a kind of strange life appears in this artificial, synthetic environment. Objects start to interact with each other, with their reflections, with the molding on ceilings, curtains, flowers in the pots and with many other unplanned, random details.This randomness gives life to the static atmosphere of museum halls. Exactly this feeling of strange presence I try to catch and to represent in my works.